Vosloorus Resolution 311010

First ever meeting of AHS after consultation with eNkonjeni Inkosi Nqobizizwe Lucky Mbatha and Gauteng Induna Shalazile Mbatha.
1. Establish AmaMbatha Education Trust
2. Research fully AmaMbatha History.
3. Task Teams appointed
4. Status of Facebook Groups:
That we need to have only one AmaMbatha Facebook Grooup and as a family we don’t need many groups and the group should be a discussion and information forum for all AmaMbatha and further resolved to meet in three weeks.

KwaMbatha Resolution 271110
1. Resolved to shelve Trust Fund as it has legal constraints.
2. History Research at advanced stage doing final touches will publish in 18 months and 80page draft submitted by Vusumuzi Shandu.
3. AmaMbatha given name and persona “AMAMBATHA HERITAGE SOCIETY”
4. To form a new Facebook Group or support one with majority members.
5. To Register AHS.

On 5 December 2010 Durban met at Isipingo and adopted Gauteng Resolutions.

JHB Resolutions 290111

1. Dedicate ourselves to unify all AmaMbatha.
2. Name AmaMbatha Heritage Council AHC changed to AmaMbatha Heritage Society AHS due to legal requirements.
3. Registration submitted to DSD have reference number 010-069/111
4. To balance NWC positions between KZN and GP. KZN and GP starting point as AmaMbatha are mostly concentrated there.
5. Female members to be empowered based on dedication not gender.
6. Lindo to be SG and swap with Ozias.
7. To have a National Conference in Durban on 20 March 2011.
8. Jabulile Mbatha to talk with Shandu Funerals for a Funeral Scheme.
9. GP not to dictate to KZN but everything to be done jointly.
10. Avoid elitism.
11. Not to be biased towards any secular religion or political organisation.
12. Membership of AHS opened to everybody of emaMbatheni irrespective of religion or political lineage.


1. Work with all emaMbatheni Chiefs and recognise eNkonjeni Chieftaincy the main.
2. Engage with Zulu Royalty to find out about the status of King Mbudlela grave.
3. Recognise the Zulu Monarch.
4. To claim all land that belongs to amaMbatha and rebuild Nhlazatshe Royal Palace..
5. People to research their geneology and submit to AHS at amambathahs@gmail.com
6. Establish Provincial Offices in JHB and DBN.
7. Implement membership subscription to sustain organisation.
8. Form a Trust fund and look at underwriting possibilities.
9.To build monument in Nhlazatshe and tourists centre.
10. Establish Funeral Plan.
11. Help each other with jobs and job creation.
12. Constitution a work in progress 2 months time frame.
13. Term of NWC extended.

Resolution 240911

1. Establish committees in all Districts.
2. Amambatha Heritage (AHS) and Ama-Mbatha Traditional Council (AMTC) to collaborate on issues of common interest.
3. AmaMbatha Day to be celebrated every year in September