The people of emaMbatheni are the direct descendents of Sontshikazi ka Mpangazitha ka Mageba ka Zulu. Sontshikazi begat Ndaba who begat 6 known sons which were Dladla, Shandu, Mbeje, Dumisa, Mngeni, Nsibankulu. Dladla begot Mgabadeli, Shandu begot Mbanjwa, Khali, Mngunyana, Nkomo, Mashiba and Mandlovu while Mbeje begot Magwaza and Dumisa begot Mndaba.

Mbanjwa of Shandu begot Mbudlele who became chief, Khali of Shandu begot Mangcengeza who also became chief, Mngunyana begot Mkhaluza, Mandlovu begot Ntanjana, Mashiba begot Ngwenya the grandfather of emaMbatheni hero and chief Manyosi, Nkomo begot Hlakanyana who fathererd Lukwabithi and Dikane who both became chiefs.

There are currently two recognised chiefs of emaMbatheni: Madubula an offspring of Maphashana ka Manyosi is chief at Ndokozane/Kingsley in Uitrecht and Chief Nqobizizwe Lucky Sizwe Mbatha who is an offspring of Dikane ka Hlakanyana based at Vezunyawo eNkonjeni in Mahlabathini.

The Mbathas of Mangcengeza trekked to emaMpondweni in the Eastern Cape, those of Dumisa and Nsibankulu are at KwaHlazakazi in Msinga and are spread mostly in Midlands and South KZN. AmaMbatha are a very neat and handsome people who like fashion.

There are of the warrior stock, most fought many wars for the Zulu Kingdom and others decided to leave Zululand and settled in the Eastern Cape, these are those who didn’t want to subject themselves and Zulu Kingdom.

They are mostly concentrateda at Mahlabathini, Vryheid, Mzinyathi around Nquthu and Msinga, Majuba around Uitrecht and Newcasle and Nothern KZN around Dumbe. You can also find a lot of them in Gauteng and Mpumalanga and around the Free State, infact they are found all over South Afrika, Afrika and the diaspora.

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