AHS is a heritage organisation aimed at uniting the AMAMBATHA clan.
We then pledge to be committed to the unity, democratic, and non-exploitive country based on freedoms, rights and values enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

We are a sociocratic organisation dedicated to the preservation of our heritage and upliftment of the living standards of AMAMBATHA first and then all people.


We are a Nguni people who descend from Sontshikazi ka Zitha. We go by the surnames: Dladla, Mbeje, Shandu, Mbatha, Kweyama, Vezi, Mangcengeza, Manyosi and all other related surnames.
Our ancestral home is Nhlazatshe in KZN and our main Traditional Council is Vezunyawo at Nkonjeni Mahlabathini.


Our purpose is to preserve our history and heritage, and also for socio-economic development.


1. Heritage and History preservation;
2. Education and Health;
3. Economic Development;
4. Social Development.


We make sure that our all our Heritage sites and History is preserved for the benefit of future generatioms. We also campaign for easy availability of Education Bursaries to children deserving especialy those who have passed Grade 12.


1. Membership of AHS is open to all people who belong to ema Mbatheni by virtue of birth or through marriage.
2. All people who have surnames mentioned on “OUR HISTORY” hereabove.
3. Those born to emaMbatheni unmarried ladies who identify themselves as Amambatha.
4. The biological children of Emambatheni males who may not be using one of Emambatheni surnames.
5. All people who are prepared to abide by the Constitution of AHS, rules and regulations who are eightien years and above.


143 Dubazane Street
Mnguni Section

+27763643072 (National Head)
+27766470157 (National Admin)
+27735614949 (National Orgniser)