Sosobala is one of the most prominent heroes of Emambatheni. He comes from a long list of traditional healers. His father Mazinyane and his grandfather Ngoqo were prominent traditional healers. Sosobala learnt his skills as a traditional healer from his father. He left school at the age of 13 when he was able to read and write in order to help his father in healing business.
He was a self-taught Inyanga and he also had that rare gift of dreaming herbs that could help people.
When the scourge of HIV/AIDS started ravaging people, many turned to him for help. It is claimed that others tested negative of the virus after the his treatment.
He became so rich that he bought two aeroplanes and built an airfield in his hometown of Nqutu.
His mansion can be seen today at Nqutu, it is a very towering and majestic building in this poverty riddled area.
He died in 2001 after a short illness. Today his house act as a motel and home to his daugthter Makhosi and grand and great-grand children.