Ubuntu is an African philosophy which simply means: ‘I am because we are’
It contrast with western individualism where everyone is for himself. Individualism promotes seperation and opposition.
In UBUNTU we share what we have with the community, promote unity and balance, communalism, cooperation and sharing.
Here are some pillars of Ubuntu:
1. Avoids confrontation.
2. Favour restorative rather than retributive justice.
3. Reconciliation instead of estrangement.
4. Mutual understanding, civility and civilised dialogue, premised on mutual tolerance and cooperation.
5. ILIMA; The concept of communal cooperation to build houses, plough and plant fields.
6. UKUSISA: To borrow a destitute person tools to survive eg. cattle, money, children etc…
7. UKUNANA: To lend out something to a person who doesn’t have at the time where the it would be returned when got.
8. UKUSHINTSHISELANA: Barter, to give someone something he doesnt have in exchange for what he have eg maize for chicken.
9. UKUBAMBISANA: Cooperation in everything including fighting crime, livestock and children care etc.
10. UBUPHAKATHI: To care for family, neighbour, collaborative synergy to achieve certain goals like ‘stokvels’, Mholiswano etc.

In African UBUNTU we also say ‘charity begins at home’, which means before you think of helping someone, start with the family and those closer to you.If you have done that it would be easy to help other people.