The Mbatha surname is a very popular name worldwide. I am proud to carry this name and cannot exchange it for anything.
Here are the stats:

1. There are 957 000 Mbathas on the internet.
2. There are 462 000 Mbathas on Facebook.
3. There are 31 800 on Twitter.
4. There are 9 210 on Linkedin.
5. There are 3 340 on Google+Plus.
6. There are 8 900 045 on RSA Population Register. (over 8.9m and still growing)
The rest are on Social Sites of less note.
7. There are two registered Domains ie. and

Over and above this number there are still a lot of people from the same clan who are not mentioned here: ie. Shandu, Mbeje, Dladla, Kweyama, Mangcengeza, Khali etc. which means we are well over 10 000 000 (10m+)

Noma ungathini (whatever you can say) AMAMBATHA Rocks!!