On Saturday we went to uMlazi at a funeral of our dear member and brother Charles Thulani Mbatha. The funeral was attended by AHS National, Provincial Leadership and its members who have been helping the family during the week.
Charles left a legacy in this world as after joining AHS he went around and met all his father’s children and even took a young girl child by his late father to live with him.
Another thing which we found inspiring was that he was a breadwinner at home and a health advisor to his neighbours.
Many good things were relayed about him by friends, coleagues, neighbours and family.
We would like to thank all those who took their time and gave the Mbatha and Hlatshwayo family moral and material support during their time of sorrow. Not forgetting also those who travelled from far away places.

Nime njalo nina sizwe saka Sontshikazi niqhubeke njalo ngokubambana.


Stanley Mpikiswano Mbatha