By: Lindo Mbatha

The journey has begun and we can see that more journeying is to take place as AHS grow both in numbers and in knowing about its origin. When people are together for a purpose higher level of team work and communication can be seen. Were gathered as the grand children of Sontshikazi, to talk about us and our origin. Though the existence of AHS we are discovering that not much has been told about the richness of our history something that has led us into being interested about the history of other clan while ours is left untold. It has become the real fact that AHS is here to leave no stone unturned as “sigeqa amagula ngomlando wethu” which we are writing ourselves. The time has come where we say nothing about us without us, we are glad that they youth of EMambatheni has amazingly embraced the idea of finding something worthy to be proud in their origin as aMambatha.

A journey with AHS is a journey of discovering each day.AMambatha history is so rich and as we get deeper it’s become richer. Its bring so much joy seeing Mbatha’s, Shandu’s, Mbeje’s and Dladla’s
acknowledging the oneness that seem to haven’t been embraced in years back. Also the discovering of surnames like Mangcengeza has been an eye opener to the fact that I have believed that more is to be discovered through AHS.

AHS communication is equally taking place on our wonderful Facebook page AMAMBATHA HERITAGE and on emails to accommodate those who are not on facebook. I request that if you identify yourself with us, you join to share and learn about your history of origin.


Lindo Mbatha
Cell: 27735614949
Email: mbatha.shandu@gmail
AHS National Secretary – Durban.