Stanley Mondle ka Mbalekelwa ka Mhlakazanhlansi Mbatha

The first person we hear about is Mu-Ntu(Human Being) who originated from the reeds (emhlangeni) of the wetlands of Central Afrika. our Ancestors believed that there were Gods underground (Abaphansi) and the Great Power above which made things happen.

They called that power “Khulukhulu” (The Most High) and they believed he lived in the Sun or was the Sun and they regarded the Moon as his wife.
When they were in the South East of Afrika they started to call him “Mvelinqangi”(The Creator). they worshipped him in different ways, either by slaughtering cattle or goats and through burning insense (impepho), and talking to the long departed forefathers (Abaphansi) as they believed they were closer to him.

No one knows exactly the proccess of creation, that is why others have resorted to writing books to try and explain these secrets. This confusion has resulted in the mushrooming of many religions and churches, who all claim to know. People are trying to find the answer beyond the dim mist of eternity.
The truth is that no one knows the secret of creation, even the Scientists, Doctors, Priests etc have tried to no avail.
This resulted in many churches who claim to know, but the truth is that they are lying, so different churches have different versions of what they claim to know.

Generally the African people believe in a God, and since the arrival of European Missionaries in the 17th century most have converted to Christianity.
My Great-Grandfather Muzi was no exception, he converted to Christianity and added the name “Samuel” to his African name.

Most of my family members including myself have two names, the African one and Christian one, those names were given to us by our parents with the assistance of missionaries. Ihave since de-converted from Christianity, but my parents are still Christians. This doesn’t mean Iam an Atheist…Ihave faith in God, but the God Ibelieve in is neither Christian nor Islamic etc…But a Universal God who doesn’t favour one Religion above the other, or other people above the other, but he treats all people the same.

Following is my family lineage…in brackets are the siblings of the main person who is directly on my lineage. Iam Black, African and Zulu from emaMbatheni Family.We are closely related to the Zulu Family although now we inter-marry, but Iam encouraging those who know to refrain from it.

The Mbatha History cannot be divorced from the Zulu Family History as you will see herein under.

My (Stanley Mondle Mbatha) Lineage:

1. 1300 Lu-Ntu or Mu-Ntu
2. 1350 Mdlani
3. 1410-1500 Mnguni (Gumede)
4. 1480-1520 Luzumane (Ntombela, Mahaye)
5. 1505-1571 Malandela (Bhekizwe)
6. 1570-1657 Zulu (Qwabe, Gazu)
7. 1590-1667 Mageba (Phunga)
8. 1610-1670 Mpangazitha (Ndaba father to Jama)
9. 1635-1697 Sontshikazi of Mpangazitha
10. 1656-1705 Ndaba of Sontshikazi
11. 1678-1760 Shandu (Mbeje, Dladla, Dumisa, Mngeni, Nsibankulu)
12. 1697-1762 Mashiba (Mdunjwa, Khali, Mandlovu, Mngunyana, Nkomo)
13. 1717-1767 Ngwenya
14. 1733-1770 Mpukane
15. 1752-1820 Dlekezela
16. 1765-1873 Manyosi (Mazibukwana)
17. 1785-1860 Muzi, (Mcetshwa, Sobohla, Maphashana, Melelesi, Ngqokwana, and over 90 others)
18. 1818-1861 Fokothi (Macala and 20 others)
19. 1840-1887 Mhosha
20. 1865-1910 Mhlakaza Mthatheni Josef
21. 1886-1960 Muzi Samuel
22. 1914-2000 Mhlakazanhlansi Alfred Mbhizi (Mandasithebeni)
23. 1943 Mbalekelwa Meshack
24. 1964 Stanley Mondle Mpikiswano (Bonginkosi, Lindela, Themba, Simanga, Mbongeni, Sikhumbuzo and another 8)
25. 1983 Senzekile Judith, 2000 Thembinkosi Sakhile (Duduzile, Wiseman, Lawrence, Kabelo, Cindy)
26. 2006 Siyabonga (Lebohang)

Maphashana ka Manyosi begot Mbopha who begot Gogo, who begot Mathambo, who begot Madubula who is a Chief of Ndokozane in Uitrect.

Years from 1-20 are estimates or nearest taking into consideration important events which happened around that time;

From 22-25 are actual years which can be verified.

It took me many years to find my exact family lineage, but the Family Praisenames, my Grandfather Mhlakaza and my Aunt Matozi, and many old people from my family helped me a lot. In some cases the names were not in sequence but that also was sorted out.

Iwill stop here today but will keep on adding some more information about my Family.

Mbatha Shandu ka Ndaba ka Sontshikazi ka Mpangazitha!