AmaMbatha Heritage Society met in Johannesburg on the 29th January 2011. Our meeting was scheduled to start at 14h00 but it started at 15h08. We opened with a prayer and the NWC Chairperson, Stanley Mondle Mbatha welcomed all present and the individual introductions were done, the previous minutes were read and adopted with corrections. The Chair apologised for the confusion which arised due to the lack of proper communication, and the apology was accepted.

1. That the NWC shall remain as such until a proper constituted conference is done where the NEC shall be elected or appointed,
2. That the positions in the NWC should be balanced between the current active provinces which are KZN and GP,
3. That Lindo Mbatha can do a good job as a General Secretary as he is good at keeping records,
4. That women must be more empowered, but will be given responsibilities based on merit rather than gender,
5. That the current structure shall remain a National Working Committee until the proper National Executive Committee (NEC) is elected or appointed,
6. That such conference will be held in Durban on the 20th March 2011,
7. That AHS shall work with all four AmaMbatha Royal/Traditional Houses,
8. That AHS should avoid taking sides based on politics and secular religions,
9. That the current Constitution is a Draft until the final one is adopted in Durban where all members of the current NWC will be present including general membership,
10. That people who feel they can do the job, should be given a chance to volunteer or show where they can perform better,
11. That surname mix should be considered based on participation rather than just surname,
12. That the current AHS is comprising mostly of Mbatha-Shandu surnames because they are the ones who mostly participate,
13. That all activities should continue ie.
1. Research and writting of AmaMbatha History, 2. Establishment of the Trust,
14. That Gauteng must not be seen as dictating to KZN, but both should be involved and participate fully,
15. That GP and KZN is the starting point pending involvement of all provinces,
16. That we are aware that there are many AmaMbatha Structures that exist, and that a National Unity meeting should be called so that all AmaMbatha can be unified,
17. That elitism should be avoided and that all people should participate irrespective of education, access to ICT etc. that all people should be considered, and should be aware that not all people have access to emails, and that those who have access to emails and internet should keep others well informed,
18. That AHS is not a political organisation, but a family heritage as the name clearly specify.
19. That individual members have freedom to belong to churches and political organisations of their own choice,
20. That AHS membership is open to everyone who belong to AmaMbatha by virtue of their birth within any of emaMbatheni Houses, that is Mbeje, Shandu, Dladla, Mngeni, Dumisa, Dunjwa, Nsibankulu etc.
21. That AHS is not ’email buddies’, but a fully fledged organisation with its own constitution.
22. That the current NWC should be reconfigured to allow all interested people to participate where they feel comfortable.
23. In conclusion all those present were asked to encourage other AmaMbatha to attend meetings.
The meeting was concluded at 18h00, we had a big lunch and dispersed on very high spirits.