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From: “stanley mbatha”
Date: 15/11/2010 12:24

stanley mbatha

Stanley Mondle Mpikiswano Mbatha
It has been sometime since I posted on this Blog, not because of loss of ideas, but because of the impact of this site to the Shandu people. During the month of September there has been a very heavy wave of emails, and it has been a good sign that people take their heritage/history seriously. This has shown me the power of the light. When people have good knowledge they engage in a very robust debate.
I am happy that the step that I took led to the liberation of the minds of my people. This is the power of electronic media. Today most of the Shandu people can walk tall and discuss their history with pride among other nations.
My intention when I started this blog was to preserve our history as those before us failed because they lacked resources. But a sad scenario has started to emerge, people are starting to post information from this site but fail to acknowledge their source. This is a very sad situation indeed. It is a painfull reminder that some people can be so selfish and inconsiderate.
It is a fact that a lot of money, time and resources were used by myself to do this research, and I do acknowledge that I was not the first one. There were others before me who embarked on this journey, but the difference is that they kept this knowledge to themselves, they never made it freely available to everyone.
After realising that information is power and a lot of my fellow kinship lacked the information about this great Shandu Clan, I decided to publish all the information I got in this Blog site for the benefit of all the people. I disregarded the temptation to commercialise our family history. I did that for the sake of the new generation, as if you don’t know your history, you are a lost generation.
I am asking only one thing from those who use the information from this site, that they acknowledge me and those who helped me on my research.
I do not claim all the information here is true as I got it through interviewing different old Mbatha people and the information they gave to me was passed through them from generation to generation by the word of mouth.
I have met with my fellow brothers and sisters and we agreed to continue our research and publish a book about our history. The research is still ongoing, and we can appreciate any financial or other support we can get.
Any one who is willing to contribute in any way is free to contact me; Stanley Mondle Mbatha at 076 364 3072 or email me at
Thanking you all